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A sausage link inserted into the core of a baked potato, which is then split down the middle and placed on some sort of a serving plate. Toppings are then placed on top of the potato/sausage combination. Toppings include but are not limited to: Sour Cream, Bacon Bits, Chives, Butter, Chili, Cheese, Salt and Pepper.

Often results in several hours spent on the porcelain throne 1-4 days after consuming.

Sold at State/County Fairs and similar events, also sold at the Twin Falls County Fair.
Burt: Dude, did you get yourself one of those tater pigs over there?

Freddy: No way man! I learned my lesson last year after I ate one and spent 4 hours on the john with explosive diarrhea.

Chuck: I spent all day yesterday drilling holes in potatoes, and stuffing them with sausages for the Tater Pig booth.

Bob: Brutal, I hope we sell them all so that your work doesn't go to waste.
by tfmagichords December 02, 2011

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