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A phrase that expresses disappointment, anger, frustration, or otherwise discontentment with the listener.
Person 1: Did you tell her I wanted to go out with her?
Person 2: Dude...I was going to, but I got sidetracked and ended up asking her out myself, then I kinda made her think you were a neo-Nazi.
Person 1: Aw, man, you suck!

Person 1 (after a test): Man, I totally failed that test. She totally told us the wrong stuff to study. It was really hard.
Person 2: No, it wasn't. You suck!

Meta Knight: You suck, Kirby.
by Tez, a man February 04, 2010
When you want to make someone look like a homosexual. Say it when they are turned away from you and they will most likely turn around no matter their sexuality. When he realizes what you have done, you will either share a jolly laugh together or he will punch you in the face.

This is done mainly by low-end middle school kids or general attention-seekers.
Josh: "Hey, Jacob, I'm naked!"
Jacob: "wait...what?"
Josh: "Hahaha, you looked! (cough)queer(cough)"
Jacob: "All right mate, this was cute the first couple times, but you crossed the line now" (proceeds to deliver a can of whoop-ass)
by Tez, a man March 09, 2010
The last three Star Wars episodes in one game. Allows you to make janky Lego characters such as Yoda's head and Lando body. Reminds your dad how cool the old Star Wars episodes were.
Person 1: Hey man I bought Lego Star Wars 2 yesterday. I made Leia on a man's body.
Person 2: Leia already looks like a man.
by Tez, a man July 06, 2010
A phrase that originates in the 2005 video game "Shadow the Hedgehog"; the game's eponymous main character uses the phrase while dying. Currently used by some video game fans--especially Sonic fans--as an expression of discontentment, especially after while dying in a video game, or to evoke humorous responses.
1. (looking for something and cannot find it) Damn, not here!
2. (dies) Damn, not here!
3. 'Damn, not here!' Hehe, remember that?
by Tez, a man February 02, 2010
A phrase used when one's finger has recently emerged from their asshole, and the speaker wishes the listener to experience the smell of the speaker's own ass, i.e. that of poo. Used once by Chris Griffin from Family Guy, and parodied by the title of an online game, "Spell My Finger".
Person 1: Hey, man, smell my finger.
Person 2: I know where you're going with this. I don't appreciate that you'd try to fuck me over in this way.
Person 1: Dude, it's not like that. I was just touching some Smencils I have in my pocket.
Person 2: Oh, I've always wanted to know what those smell like. I swear to Christ, it'll be the death of me when I figure out how to attach a smell to a pencil. All right, then... Aaaaagghh! Asshole!
by Tez, a man February 04, 2010
A location feature in first-person shooters that is ideal for camping. It is great for campers and annoying for everyone who wants to have a good time. Examples: A space between two buildings, or right behind a door where the camper can see other players as they enter.
Person 1: "want to play Star Fox?"
Person 2: "hell no, that thing has more instances of a camping cranny than a goddamn actual campsite"
by Tez, a man March 24, 2010
When you and someone else are walking towards each other in an attempt to pass each other. You move to one side to pass them; they move to the same side to pass you. You move to the other side so you can escape the situation; they try to do the same thing. You are roadblocks of each other until one of you decides to stop and let the other walk by. Regardless of any ill will by either participant, the incident can be really, really annoying.
Me and Stan's mutual roadblock lasted for twelve seconds. Then we each thought the other was being an asshole. We worked it out, though.
by Tez, a man April 04, 2010

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