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The greatest show ever to air on Nickelodeon. It had many mentions of pigs, moose's, the word "doom", and many other things. It was not, however, Nickelodeon's entire fault that the show was cancelled. Jhonen Vasquez himself was getting rather frustrated and pressured by his creation, and agreed to pull the plug on his brilliant masterpeice. Some of you people should really do your research before you say things about Nickelodeon, which has a lot of good shows, INCLUDING Spongebob. And no, I'm not like, 7.
Invader ZiM is perhaps the greatest cartoon that will ever appear on television.
by TexasColeSlawMassacre July 26, 2006
Your labia, silly!

Obie Trice: She's foamin' at her lips, the ones between her hips

Her Lips? Between her hips? HipLips!
by texascoleslawmassacre July 10, 2008
1) Someone who is being an idiot.

2) A really gross loaf of bread.

1) Dude, you're being such a shitloaf.

2) Mom always buys this nasty shitloaf!
by TexasColeSlawMassacre July 26, 2006
When you fuck a tree.
See Jane treefuck. Funny, funny Jane. Dick wants to play to.
by TexasColeSlawMassacre July 26, 2006
Just to jack off, plain and simple.
*Fap Fap Fap* Oh shit ma! Go away! I'm sacking my whacker in here!
by TexasColeSlawMassacre August 17, 2007
Used to describe a person, place, or thing that really sucks.
I hate Freddy. He is such a bag of suck.

You know that new bar? I hated it! It was such a bag of suck!

That new video game "Vagina Wars 2" is a fucking bag of suck.
by TexasColeSlawMassacre September 21, 2006
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