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An alcoholic drink, usually consisting of cheap white wine, chugged as quickly as possible for the purpose of getting drunk fast. The name "wine bomb" refers to the drink's similarity with the Jagerbomb.

A wine bomb is ordered by simply asking the bartender for a glass of wine. With the drink in hand, the "wine bombers" (as they are called) clink glasses and cheers before rapidly chugging the entire glass.

Wine bombs are typically consumed in situations where a beer-and-wine-only bar prevents taking traditional shots. They are an even more attractive option when the wine is available free of charge.
A: "That cheap asshole isn't going to have liquor at his wedding reception. How does he expect me to white boy dance without being blackout drunk?"
B: "Fuck him, we'll just take a million wine bombs. That will show him."
A: "Hell yeah! I'm gonna get bent and try and fuck a bridesmaid."
B: "Period."

"Taking wine bombs every hour on the hour last night was a bad idea. I woke up this morning still wearing my tie, with my pants around my ankles, and the fat secretary from HR next to me in bed. FML."
by texas_tiger March 08, 2009

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