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To be shot in the head by the predator's spear gun. Refering to the way the aiming dots look on the targets head.
Fuck man, the Predator jumped outa the trees and waffle headed that motherfucker! What you talking about? It ain't lookin like no god damned waffle. STFU That's what they all say, before they die.
by Tex April 09, 2003
to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.

fuck Hit smash cut Pipe beat the breaks off
What it do Lilmama? Im try'n ta stang some'n.
by TEX January 19, 2005
Bill Is Fucking Gay
Person 1: Hey, u know that Bill McDonald guy?
Person 2: Yea for sure... BIFG
by Tex April 23, 2003
A severe form of retardation that affects all processes.
Amy Ludlum suffers from heejay...really bad.
by Tex October 04, 2004
1. An event, person, or thing that is sub-standard in nature.
"That party was so bucket!"
by Tex February 08, 2005
Breast enlargement for a movie role.
What Kirsten Dunst had done for the movie Spiderman.

She had her boobies spidermanned.
by Tex April 17, 2004
a gynocological device; or a diss

a bunch got stolen from a hospital in Pittsburgh, so that is reason for a diss.
dude 1: (farts on dude's back)
dude 2: dude y you being such a pap shmear?
by Tex February 22, 2005

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