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An attribute strongly sought by America.
More laws strngthen the bars of your prison.
by testic November 11, 2003
A 'posh' way of saying "Without a doubt" or fo' shizzle my nizzle.
man1: Gosh, a jolly good bash this, what?
man2: indubitably
by testic April 15, 2004
2001: A Space Odyssey. A movie designed specifically to be analyzed and examined in detail, opposite of the matrix.
none applicable.
by testic November 11, 2003
Often wrongly touted as a weapons of mass destruction, anthrax is in fact used as a 'weapon of mass death', as it causes very little destruction, and lots of death.
"Anthrax killed several thousand people today, but caused little destruction."
by testic November 11, 2003
1) A mistake or error.
2) A term of endearment.
From Apache: "The server made a boo-boo!"
by testic April 15, 2004
Can be used to denote 'kisses' at the end of a written message.
I love you XxX
by testic November 11, 2003
A slightly more skilled schoolboy trick than 55378008, where the calculators memory functions had to be used to spell the words 'shell oil' upside-down.
"Im so clever nerdy snort look what I can do.... *whips out calculator*"
by testic November 11, 2003

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