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doubt over one's clothes malodorous aspect (in proportion to inability to smell ourselves as others do or to in-frequent laundromat visits); losing count of a garment's wearings.
B: can you do me a favor, does this sweater reek, third wearing, but it's my favorite....
G: ah, laundry math anxiety, i get it... but i wouldn't wear that again.
by tess jr April 30, 2009
(aka retail trance) dazed, awkward maneuvers in a retail store
serious shopper's trance in Big Lots today...i was cut off twice...i bumped into a rack of wind-chimes.
by tess jr April 30, 2009
noun or adj.
secretary gone bad!
mad, depressed or wrathful; can obstruct a workplace.
Any more condescension from that intern and we'll see Sheila turn into our heckretary.

Tim's pleasant to all, but gets heckretary if crossed, deleting unheard voicemails.
by tess jr February 04, 2009
unease over talking a lot
"i've been talking so much, i feel talkward."
by tess jr February 04, 2009
Almost a significant other; as in "my ex": you dated, but decided to be "just friends", usually very good ones, but have since lost touch.
"Mike is my slash: we dated, were inseparable, but decided we were too weird together, as a couple (but then i moved in, so we could both $ave, b4 he went back down south to finish his degree)".
by tess jr April 18, 2013
excessively, simperingly awkward.
1. "I can't decide if 'Miguelito', dry humping Troy's leg, nose twitching like a bunny, is adorable or mawkward!"
2. "The Oprah show's schmaltz factor is off the rails these days, too mawkward, i just can't watch."

(or maybe "...mawkward, i love it!")
by tess jr January 27, 2009

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