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The ugly sister. The perfect extreme-makover candidate. The perfect Swan candidate.The frustrated sister who's trying to hard to break away from the shadow. An average girl who cannot sing but fakes it anyway.
If you've envied your big sister all your life because she has everything you don't; the voice, the beauty, the body, the man, the money: then you're an Ashlee Simpson
by tess December 31, 2004
the superhero on Hey Arnold. He lives in a box downtown in his monkey pajamas and a stuffed money. He's obsessed with bananas and is all about "protecting the weak and downtrodded" He goes around at 1 am screaming "I AM MONKEY MAN!!!"
Monkey Man: "I am MONKEY MAN!!"
Bob: "Monkey Man is awesome."
by Tess October 24, 2004
A fruity male. He is gay and a nerd.
Adam is such a gaynerd.
by Tess May 12, 2004
A word to describe something that literally sucks alot.
today was a terribly suckieful day.
by Tess December 27, 2003
another name for the aids
THE has the slims
by TEss August 18, 2003
The laugh of Scarlet from FF7, other versions of evil laughs include: bwhahaha, gwhahaha, and mwhahaha.
by Tess October 17, 2004
kinda glum
i'm feeling mulgy
by tess August 05, 2003
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