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4 definitions by terry shea

A person who cleans outhouses.
Applied sarcastically before indoor plumbing hit the fan.
So I hear your father got a medal for his war efforts.Was it the gold or silver toilet paper wreath for outstanding honeydipping?
by terry shea February 16, 2005
20 11
A total social inept.

from the german uber - meaning over
& eng.slang goober meaning hick, dork,chin drooler.
He passed wind in her general direction,laughing at her cries of "What an Ubergoober."
by terry shea February 15, 2005
7 4
Noise Lawyers make when eating
at a salad bar unprotected by a sneeze guard. Thought by some to be asian in origin - mainly through its connection with yen.
Lawyer : "Aa Sou"
Restuarant owner: "Bless You"
Lawyer: Thanks but Aa Sou you in court
by terry shea February 17, 2005
13 26
Ba BA Ganoosh - a memory challenged klutzy arabian thief, who died of starvation mutterring," open sez who?"
Subject of short tale - Ba Ba Ganoosh and
a Bakers dozen of thieves, or The Thief Who stole Retail.
by terry shea February 18, 2005
9 35