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A person who cleans outhouses.
Applied sarcastically before indoor plumbing hit the fan.
So I hear your father got a medal for his war efforts.Was it the gold or silver toilet paper wreath for outstanding honeydipping?
by terry shea February 16, 2005
A total social inept.

from the german uber - meaning over
& eng.slang goober meaning hick, dork,chin drooler.
He passed wind in her general direction,laughing at her cries of "What an Ubergoober."
by terry shea February 15, 2005
Noise Lawyers make when eating
at a salad bar unprotected by a sneeze guard. Thought by some to be asian in origin - mainly through its connection with yen.
Lawyer : "Aa Sou"
Restuarant owner: "Bless You"
Lawyer: Thanks but Aa Sou you in court
by terry shea February 17, 2005
Ba BA Ganoosh - a memory challenged klutzy arabian thief, who died of starvation mutterring," open sez who?"
Subject of short tale - Ba Ba Ganoosh and
a Bakers dozen of thieves, or The Thief Who stole Retail.
by terry shea February 18, 2005

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