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London is officially the richest city in the world. House prices are higher here than anywhere else with the most expensive house being sold in London for around £100 million.
Alwight Geezer, Straight up
by Terry August 12, 2004
Sensual, blond ,Hypnoteuse
I'm Under Evilena's spell...
by Terry April 20, 2004
African American term derived from "studying", which means that you're not worried about something or someone, and they're not even worth your time.
"Dude, I ain't studdin' that character, he's just talkin' smack."
by Terry February 16, 2005
1. A slang term for "penis" usually used by little kids.
Mr. Thompson's peeper is bent.
by Terry April 05, 2004
fuckalope is a stupid motherfucker usually on our nation's interstate system that drives in the fastlane and goes really fucking slow and won't get the fuck over
you fuckalope get outta my way
by Terry January 30, 2004
cancer of the world,
they have there own little culture,
you cannot find a worse type of person
no one likes a chav. SEE TOWNIES, TOWNIE OR NED
if you come across one, kill it
no one will miss it
by terry October 23, 2003
To clean up using a wet nap to rub under your arm pits.
Dave was stinking up the van so we woke him up and told his smelly ass he at least needed a hippie shower.
by Terry July 25, 2004

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