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A loved one left by the emotional wayside due to an individuals sudden insatiable appetite for penis.
Now that Mr Smith is addicted to being gang banged in woods and such by large hirsute men. He's totally forgotten he's a father of 5...they are all Cock Orphans
by terrier05 May 17, 2011
When a wellington boot is filled with human ejecta (i.e piss...poo....cum...spit or vomit)

Therefore making the footwear squelchy

Hence "Sqwellie"
I was at a music festival when a friend indicated a desire to go and listen to Coldplay so I sqwellie"d" his shoes in an attempt to stop him
by terrier05 May 17, 2011
Noun - Description of someone who enjoys breaking through poo crust pre anal coitus.
That fucker with the shit eating grin (and scars on his bell-end) is a proper crustafarian
by terrier05 May 17, 2011
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