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used to describe the pubic hair of a woman
She's got a nice situation
by Teri August 23, 2004
any words expressed while in the act of intercourse that display emotions and may not otherwise be said under different circumstances.
woman: "Don't you remember? You said you loved me and you wanted to marry me last night!"
man: "Girl, don't you know that was just sex talk."
by Teri October 16, 2005
arguement; minor fight; altercation; small disagreement among friends
" Oh Damn, you wooped that chicks' ass" "naw we just had a little dispacle."
by Teri March 11, 2005
when a guy shits in a girls ass hole and then the guy scoops that shit out and she eats the shit he shat.
i wanted to take a shit but i was super kinky horney at the same time so i gave her a mongolian chimny sweep.
by teri June 15, 2006
Hot aussie who can't hold her liquor and eat chocolates at the same time.
Uh oh....I tudey'd myself.
by Teri November 09, 2003
The berning sensation you feel after getting VD.
My vagina is BERNing.
by Teri November 09, 2003
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