24 definitions by teresa

A group of pe-p0 who are obsessed with watching two forks having crazy wild monkey sex.
There is a big fucking zikle over there hanging from that fat chick's pantiline.
by Teresa March 30, 2004
a newschool skier, or park rat.
The Mammoth terrine park is filled with jibbers.
by Teresa October 12, 2003
any type of honda/toyota purchased by an asian, and is tricked out with many esspensive features n bells n whistles. Usually driven by the Korean Mafia or asia gangsters in high school. They are very low to the ground to accompany the shirtness of the driver.
Ya I know Kaiser, he that china boy that drives a rice rocket.
by Teresa May 01, 2003
Australian sound effect for the sound of being hit. Apparently invented by one of my exes
he waaaaalked up to him and went booz right in the face
by teresa January 24, 2004
East Side Fresno

a Fresno gang (red)
there is no example for that.... but all i can say is ESF
by Teresa March 31, 2005
jerkin off with headphones on
patrick digs headphonebonin no doubt
by Teresa August 12, 2003
Shoot a cap in ur ass
shooting a bullet in ur ass
by Teresa September 09, 2004
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