24 definitions by teresa

1. A complicated situation.
That would open up a whole can of worms!
by teresa February 12, 2004
Used affectionately when some one does something silly
Ah, as if u done that you moople!
by teresa November 24, 2004
the worst person to live next to
a toolbox
tips below 10%
Can you hand me my Bam Margera, I need a wrench.
by Teresa March 25, 2004
Really good weed that is grown in Afganistan
This i that Afgani Shit
by Teresa March 03, 2004
a sexy version of blah blah blah.
he told me we could go upstairs and yunno wot... rer rer rer!
by teresa November 23, 2004
the act of being a bitch. A run off of saying your being a bitch or stop it bitch.
YO' biyachness you dont even know what your fucking saying you fucking dumb fuck.
by Teresa March 30, 2004
when somefing is really comfy!
This jumper is bleeshy!
by teresa November 23, 2004
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