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Burque is slang for the city of Albuquerque New Mexico. It is pronounced like: Booor-ke. A non-New Mexican calling it that is just asking for a punch in the face. Mayor/village idiot Martin Chavez is trying to change its nick name to "The Q". ANYONE calling it the The Q is asking for a beat down.
person 1: "Hey, did you here that douche bag mayor Chavez is trying to change burque's nickname to "The Q"?

person 2: " What the fuck does The Q have to do with Burque???"

person 3: "Fuck that stupid cunt. Its always been called Burque."
by teo chavez May 04, 2008
the gay ass name that douche bag Martin Chavez is trying to give to Burque.
white mid western tourist: "lets go to The Q"

Burque resident: "fuck that cunt of a mayor its always been called Burque"
by teo chavez May 04, 2008
Albuquerque is the biggest city in New Mexico. Albuquerque is commonly refered to as Burque. It has probably one of the biggest economic gaps in the country. Most of the city is gang controled and the rest is gated communities. There is mostly just stupid hicks, retarded cholos, and psychotic indians in the valley, and rich boys from cali who live in forts in the foothills. Basically a smaller, shittier, version of LA with more meth and less coke. Burque has mountians to the east, mesa to the west, and a weak ass excuse for a river running through the middle. It has both the ignorance and stupidity of a small town and the violence, drugs, and racial tension of a big city.
Places in Albuquerque like Central and the South Valley are to be avioded if you are white and places like the foothills and Rio Rancho are to be avioded if you are anything other than white. A mexican or indian in Rio Rancho will be arrested or shot, and a white person in the South Valley or on central will be shot, mugged, and/or raped (unless said white person is trying to score some meth then they'll just be mugged and raped.).
by teo chavez May 04, 2008

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