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To cool like it to fall in love with a refrigerator. It was created by Charlie McDonnell from "Charlieissocoollike"
Person 1: "So how was your Summer?"
Person 2: "I coolliked, and we were doing some nasty stuff but then my Mom caught us together...and she got rid of our refrigerator."
Person 1: "..."
by tenorsaurus April 28, 2011
When you are speaking with a group of friends, the suddenly someone walks past, and says something that goes PERFECTLY with what you were just said.
Person 1-"That E.T. video is super weird, I don't even understand it."
Random Person walking past- "Yeah, it was really weird."
Person 2- "OMG!! That was such syncercation!"
by tenorsaurus April 28, 2011
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