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The winner of american idol season 7. He's pretty much amazing, the best winner they've had yet. he has such a good voice, it's like magic when he sings, and he's incredibly hot.
misguided person: david archuleta should have won american idol.

me: no way, david cook is so much better. how could you not love him after he sang 'eleanor rigby', 'the music of the night', and 'always be my baby'?
by tennisiscool July 10, 2008
an awesome japanese tv show on g4. in japan they call it sasuke. it focuses on using strength, determination, and will to make it through four stages on mt. midoriyama in japan. the stages are super hard and crazy. pretty much if you're not asian, you cant win.
some of the ninja warrior all stars are makoto nagano, toshihiro takeda, bunpei shiratori, shinsuke nagasaki, and yasushi yamada.

ninja warrior is cool!
by tennisiscool July 10, 2008
The most talented swimmer the world has EVER seen. He just broke a whole bunch of records at the 2008 Olympics in China, including most medals won at a single Olympics. He seems super nice, too; he's really close with his mom and sisters and dog. Plus all that swimming does more than just win him medals: it gives him the most amazing body ever. He's pretty damn sexy.
Person: Hey, did you hear that Michael Phelps just won ANOTHER gold medal?

Me: Yeah. I wish I was married to him. I've never seen anything that beautiful.
by tennisiscool August 30, 2008
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