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The horrible, fiery collision of the otaku and otherkin subcultures. I.e., people who believe they are somehow involved with/reincarnated from the souls of anime/video game characters. Japanese pop culture is literally their religion. And no, it's not a joke. They are the ultimate illustration of how utterly batshit insane the Internet has become.
After I heard about the otakukin, everything else seems sane by comparison. Even shitting dicknipples.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004
Youkai (written with kanji meaning "bewitching apparition") are traditional Japanese monsters of supernatural origin. The word is often translated as "goblin" or "demon". Youkai are grotesque, diverse, and often as silly as they are terrifying. They were a popular subject in ukiyo-e prints, and the artist Toriyama Sekien is famous for publishing an extensive, illustrated bestiary of the creatures. Some of the best known youkai include oni (large, horned ogre-like demons who punish sinners in hell), tengu (beaked or long-nosed bird-men), kappa (turtle-like water-imps), and kitsune and tanuki (foxes and raccoon-dogs - real animals to whom supernatural powers were attributed).
The nurarihyon is a very obscure breed of youkai.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004
The Japanese name for the raccoon-dog, Nyctereuctes procyonoides. In folklore the animal is credited with supernatural powers, including shapeshifting, money counterfeiting, and most notably of expanding its already very large scrotum to use as a drum or a weapon. Tanuki statues are a popular part of Japanese kitsch, portraying a jolly, plump little anthropomorphization of the creature, usually with a straw hat, a bottle of sake, a purse of bills for his carousing, and of course his big wrinkly testicles dragging on the ground between his feet.
The Studio Ghibli feature Pompoko was never properly imported to the United States due to its copious and unabashed supply of tanuki balls.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004
Mythical bird-man goblins from the mountains of Japan. They have feathered wings on their backs, and either beaks or very long, phallic noses on their faces. They can shapeshift fully into a bird or a human to play tricks on people, or escape from danger. They dress like yamabushi, with pom-pomed sashes and small black wooden skullcaps. They often carry shakujou or magical fans made of feathers.

Tengu are credited with both exceptional skill with a sword and a wicked sense of humor, and in numerous folktales they are portrayed as mischievous, curious, rowdy, and rather gullible. The tengu king Soujoubou is said to have trained the famous warrior Minamoto Yoshitsune, and many ukiyo-e prints show the young Yoshitsune sparring with Soujoubou's bird-billed subjects.
The tengu mask on the wall at the sushi place has a nose you could dry laundry on.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004
A furry/anime artist/other talentless, oversensitive type who gets mad at a particular person (usually a female that they have a creepy, backwards crush on) and goes around trying to get even in such ridiculous fashions as writing innacurate, stupid definitions including their real name.
I seem to have a creepy internet stalker on urbandictionary.com
by tengu shoes January 07, 2005
Abbreviation for "Chat On The Internet".
A mysterious shadow organization of absurdists, artists, intellectuals and cynics said to be behind...nothing important, really. Except being funnier and better than you.
When my friend's messageboard was suddenly and cataclysmically overrun by cartoon supervillains, I knew those COTI bastards were behind it.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004
Adorably derogatory pun for whiteys who like Asian crap too much.
Man I just bought a Balinese garuda mask, a Hokusai poster and a dozen maneki neko off eBay. I'm such a rice cracker.
by tengu shoes November 08, 2004

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