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French Canadian curse word, roughly equivalent to 'dammit!' or 'shit!'

Pronunciation: ka'-lehce

Follows tabernac. French Canadian swear words are modeled after the Roman Catholic Church, as opposed to other curse words that are modeled after sexual acts or bodily functions/parts.

Don't say this around a French Canadian priest or an older person.
"ce n'est pas assez? chalice!!!"
(it's not enough? SHIT!)
by Tengu December 19, 2007
1) The future form of Mega Man, created by Dr. Light as his last project before he died. X fights alongside his pal Zero to stop the Evil Sigma and his army of Mavericks.
2) slang term for the rave drug known as Ecstasy. When induced the user's sense of touch is enhanced, and is also made slightly horny.
1) X decided to wimp out in the 7th episode of the Megaman X series, citing that the fighting needed to stop.
2)'Yo dawg, you got any X?'
by Tengu April 06, 2005
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