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A derogatory term used to describe women. The acronym or abbreviation means Bitch Ass Twat. BATs are annoying women who do the stupidest things in life like think they are the bosses when they are the underlings in a work situation.
The BAT didn't understand that when she bothered Alyssa, she was supposed mind her own business and concentrate on her own job.
by tenacity January 19, 2013
A derogatory term describing the Lehigh Valley in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The acronym means Lehigh Valley Fucking Ass White People. LVFAWPs are racist whites living in the Lehigh Valley in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who think they are perfect and think they know everything. These people deliberately make racist and anticultural comments and can't handle the same comments made about them.
LVFAWPs make nasty racist comments, treat people as inferior, and use their own brand of ethics to do what they want to the people they don't like.
by tenacity May 13, 2013

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