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A person that espouses all the main ideas of Communism-a free society with no division or alienation, where humanity is free from oppression and scarcity yet, curiously, requires absolute control by a central government that redistributes wealth to operate-but when confronted with the inconvenient truth that this has been tried before and failed miserably responds, "Yes we can." (See definition of "Insanity") Wishes to place environmental concerns over humanity's as well as eradicate religion from public life and make the world gender-neutral. Partakes in carefully scripted propaganda events and gives hubris filled speeches that contradict known history surrounding the issue at hand and all those involved. When confronted with truth, they deny, deny, deny, then make counter-accusations. Has absolute control of agenda-setting media. Only difference between "communist" and "neocommunist" is totalitarian control by the state. Neocommunist would become communist if at all feasibly possible. Neocommunists are the result of modern education pedagoguery indoctrination, very little experience, and a complete ignorance of history. Only adherents to neocommunism are fellow party members and red kool-aid drinkers.
These may be "just words," but Barack Obama is a Neocommunist.
by tenaciousD1975 July 10, 2008

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