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6 definitions by ten speed

short for cum and cunt cocktail: The liquid inside a vagina resulting from the combined male semen and female lubrication.
If you're a real man, Todd, you'll slurp up the c and c cocktail.
by ten speed November 18, 2007
30 15
A date during which a male expects to get a lot of sex.
"Hey, Todd! I here you have a date tonight. What's planned?" Todd responds: "Nothing specific, but I hope it's a belly down date!"
by ten speed November 19, 2007
12 5
A guy who is emotionally cold about whom he has sex with. Might not even recall their names.
Bill told me he has had a lot of belly down dates lately. I asked Bill about how much he had been hooking up and what were their names. He couldn't remember...he is such an ice prick.
by ten speed July 30, 2008
5 1
for a gal to have sex on top of a guy with a six -pack
Ann: "What were you doing last night?
Candi: "I was bellyboarding on Jeff. Best time ever!"
by ten speed October 23, 2007
5 1
A male having sex with another person, either vaginally, orally, or anally.
I have a date tonight with a really hot chick and I hope to dock my cock
by ten speed November 17, 2007
14 12
When the head of the penis of a slightly too well endowed male hits the cervix.
"Todd, did you have a good time last night on your belly down date?"
"Felt a little bit of pain afterwards. I was banging my head against the wall too much"
by ten speed November 19, 2007
10 14