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Pubic Cheese is the dead skin, dandruff, and sometimes pubes that are scraped out of the area that is between the ballsack and inner thigh. Pubic Cheese is most abundant and disgusting when one has not showered in a few days, and becomes noticeable after physical exercise such as running. Pubic Cheese often requires deep scraping/scratching to be successfully removed. It is most often present only in small amounts, but can grow to disturbing amounts under the right conditions. Pubic Cheese is also known as Spunk, Junk, Manspunk, Manjunk, etc.
"I just excavated a whole roll of Pubic Cheese after that run"

"That toilet had Pubic Cheese sprinkled all over it like Parmesan on Spaghetti."
by temporallocus December 14, 2009

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