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\ toy'lah'FLEK'shun \ (v.)
The unnatural twisting and bending motions made by people as they wipe while still seated on a toliet. Toilaflexion can occasionally result in pulls or strains if performed while standing.
Dave: Hey Chris! What's with the body cast?
Chris: Awww I got toilaflexion while wiping my ass last week.
by Telephony November 13, 2010
Very common misspelling of the word toilet.

When the misspelling is input into a computer speech synthesis program, it can come out sounding like "to'LEET", "TOL'ee'et" (like Juliet from Romeo & Juliet), or "toe'LYE'et" depending on the speech synthesis program used.

For example, it sounds like "toe'LYE'et" on the SAM speech synthesizer for the Commodore 64 computer.
Hey Homer!!!
Are you flushing those springs down our toliet?
by Telephony December 07, 2011
Another word meaning "having uranated".
Josh pyst himself after he had coffee penus and couldn't get to the toliet in time.
by Telephony December 05, 2011
Shot with a gun; either mortally or to the point of where the shooting victim is totally incapacitated.
Hey Mike, did you hear that Chris in Juneau got hosed down a couple of days ago?
by Telephony November 28, 2011
Pooping in the cistern (toliet tank).
The bathroom stinks to high heaven because some total fartknocker (a true buttweed) took a top deck dump!!!
by Telephony January 04, 2011
How one often spells the word "embouchure" (because "embouchure" sounds like it should be spelled "ombusher") -- the use of the facial muscles and shaping of the lips when playing a wind instrument like a tuba or trombone.
You're putting too much pressure on the mouthpiece. Relax the ombusher. Don't use any muscles you don't need.
by Telephony January 04, 2011
A male version of a douchebag: a despicable person but one who has not yet reached the status of dickhead or mofo.
God, Henry is such an enemabag for stuffing paper towels down all of the toliets in Dorm C.
by Telephony December 12, 2010

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