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Far, far worse than a regular milksop; the pathetic cringing little milksop is not only an unmanly man, he may also be a whining little faggot, a crying sore loser, a truly pussywhipped man, a wholly dickwhipped woman, or other assorted wastoid.
Jake is such a pathetic cringing little milksop it ain't even funny -- the little bitch whines about anything and everything. He is truly an oxygen thief.
by Telephony December 15, 2011
Having slipped and fallen on a patch of ice.
Ron: Yo man, where ya been?
Craig: Sorry about that dude. I douched out on the ice on the way here.
by Telephony December 06, 2011
Somebody who intentionally shits in the cistern (toliet tank).
You don't want to invite Tom to the kegger, because he is a habitual toliet tank defecator!
by Telephony January 03, 2011
How one might spell the name, "Jorge" if they can't spell Spanish names.
The spelling, "H-O-R-H-A-Y" is because it sounds just like that when spoken.
Hey, wasn't there somebody named Horhay Posada in baseball?
by Telephony December 18, 2013
Pissologist {\pis AWL' ə jĭst\ (n.)} Somewhat vulgar slang term for "urologist", a medical specialty doctor who diagnoses & treats problems with the human urinary & reproductive systems; including cancer of the penus.
Gosh darn diddly-arn-it!!! I have to go to the stupid pissologist today so that he can examine those growths on my nutsack!!!
by Telephony June 22, 2012
Very common misspelling of the word toilet.

When the misspelling is input into a computer speech synthesis program, it can come out sounding like "to'LEET", "TOL'ee'et" (like Juliet from Romeo & Juliet), or "toe'LYE'et" depending on the speech synthesis program used.

For example, it sounds like "toe'LYE'et" on the SAM speech synthesizer for the Commodore 64 computer.
Hey Homer!!!
Are you flushing those springs down our toliet?
by Telephony December 07, 2011
Shot with a gun; either mortally or to the point of where the shooting victim is totally incapacitated.
Hey Mike, did you hear that Chris in Juneau got hosed down a couple of days ago?
by Telephony November 28, 2011
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