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What the Superbowl is to some people.
{Dave; on telephone}: Hey Jenny, want to come over to my house today to watch the Superbowl? I'll have lots of hot wings, burriotos, Cheetos, and beer!

{Jenny; on telephone}: Sorry Dave...I've got plans to go to the mall with my girlfriends today, so you'll have to watch the Supertolietbowl by yourself.
by Telephony February 05, 2012
Used as a descriptor for a very inexpensive and shoddily-made product of non-US origin, such as products manufactured in China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong
From a product reviews website:

"Eight of the twelve units purchased were nonoperational; but this was somewhat expected of a very inexpensive product of non-US origin - sometimes known as the "Hoo Phlung Pu" brand."
by Telephony January 18, 2012
Another name for a wall-mounted porcelain urinal.
Gary, call the plumber! Somebody shoved paper towels or something into that walltoliet and flooded it!!
by Telephony November 26, 2010
The act of killing a fly or other insect in a urinal by hitting it with your urine stream
I just committed first degree uricide of that horsefly that was in the pisscan.
by Telephony October 24, 2010
What rock star Billy Squier often says when he is intending to say the personal pronoun, "I".
{Sung, as in Squier's song, "(Another) 1984"}: Nai can't uranate!

(literally translates to, "I am not able to infuse this molten glass with an anion oxide of the heavy metal uranium")
by Telephony September 12, 2012
Another word meaning, "music" or "tunes".
Often refers to computer-generated music (like the kind found in demo pograms) but can mean any type of music.
Those demos by Science 451, The Douche Crew, and Abyss have some awesome choons in them!

The new Anthrax album, "Worship Music" has some totally killer choons on it!
by Telephony August 23, 2012
What many people (even news anchors on well-respected TV news channels!) call a water heater.

You don't want to heat water that's already hot for Pete sakes!! It's proper to call it a 'water heater' or you can even call it a 'hot water tank' -- but never a 'hot water heater'.
{Latoya}: Gary, I think the hot water heater is busted; I can't get any hot water out of this faucet to do the dishes!

{Gary}: Latoya, we don't have a 'hot water heater' -- we might have a hot water cooler, a water heater, or a hot water tank, but no hot water heater! Which of those do you want me to check?
by Telephony August 15, 2012

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