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217 definitions by telephony

Very similar to an oxygen thief; a totally worthless PWPOSMF (pussywhipped piece of shit motherfucker).
The term bungwipe refers to toliet paper, so the waste of bungwipe is somebody that does not really need to exist; e.g., a pollutant in the gene pool.
Goddammit stop doing that you waste of bungwipe!!!

That mofo is such a waste of bungwipe that I want to force-feed him ten boxes of extra-strength Ex-Lax, water it down his esophagus with a couple of quarts of concentrated camel urine, and then sew his lips to his asshole.
by Telephony January 12, 2012
Far, far worse than a regular milksop; the pathetic cringing little milksop is not only an unmanly man, he may also be a whining little faggot, a crying sore loser, a truly pussywhipped man, a wholly dickwhipped woman, or other assorted wastoid.
Jake is such a pathetic cringing little milksop it ain't even funny -- the little bitch whines about anything and everything. He is truly an oxygen thief.
by Telephony December 15, 2011
The same thing as shampee and shampiddle; that is, a bottle of shampoo that's been wrecked because some dillhole uranated into it.
John Grass uranated into bottles of shampoo at the Juneau Receiving Home in the very early-1980s, thus converting them into shampotty and subsequently earning the nickname "The Shampoo Killer".
by Telephony March 05, 2011
Somebody who intentionally shits in the cistern (toliet tank).
You don't want to invite Tom to the kegger, because he is a habitual toliet tank defecator!
by Telephony January 03, 2011
Very angry at somebody or something; it means the same (and is pronounced the same) as "pissed off".
Man I was so pyst off at that bunghole for stealing my towels out of the dryer at the laundromat!!!
by Telephony September 21, 2010
Pissologist {\pis AWL' ə jĭst\ (n.)} Somewhat vulgar slang term for "urologist", a medical specialty doctor who diagnoses & treats problems with the human urinary & reproductive systems; including cancer of the penus.
Gosh darn diddly-arn-it!!! I have to go to the stupid pissologist today so that he can examine those growths on my nutsack!!!
by Telephony June 22, 2012
Used as an exclamation when you encounter something (or somebody) that stinks to high heaven.
Pee you!!! This milkshake really reeks!!!
by Telephony December 18, 2011