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162 definitions by telephony

Far, far worse than a regular milksop; the pathetic cringing little milksop is not only an unmanly man, he may also be a whining little faggot, a crying sore loser, a truly pussywhipped man, a wholly dickwhipped woman, or other assorted wastoid.
Jake is such a pathetic cringing little milksop it ain't even funny -- the little bitch whines about anything and everything. He is truly an oxygen thief.
by telephony December 15, 2011
19 0
Somebody who intentionally shits in the cistern (toliet tank).
You don't want to invite Tom to the kegger, because he is a habitual toliet tank defecator!
by telephony January 03, 2011
20 1
Very angry at somebody or something; it means the same (and is pronounced the same) as "pissed off".
Man I was so pyst off at that bunghole for stealing my towels out of the dryer at the laundromat!!!
by Telephony September 21, 2010
23 4
Another word meaning, "music" or "tunes".
Often refers to computer-generated music (like the kind found in demo pograms) but can mean any type of music.
Those demos by Science 451, The Douche Crew, and Abyss have some awesome choons in them!

The new Anthrax album, "Worship Music" has some totally killer choons on it!
by telephony August 23, 2012
19 1
Pissologist {\pis AWL' ə jĭst\ (n.)} Somewhat vulgar slang term for "urologist", a medical specialty doctor who diagnoses & treats problems with the human urinary & reproductive systems; including cancer of the penus.
Gosh darn diddly-arn-it!!! I have to go to the stupid pissologist today so that he can examine those growths on my nutsack!!!
by telephony June 22, 2012
18 0
This is the word "faggot" typed in such a manner that it bypasses the onboard censor found in most internet BBS software.

Also used by people who type the majority of their emails and other messages in "1337 5p34k" (elite speak).
OMG!!! Johnny is such a huge F46607 for wanting to suck that cruise ship purser's dick!!!
by telephony December 06, 2011
18 0
Having slipped and fallen on a patch of ice.
Ron: Yo man, where ya been?
Craig: Sorry about that dude. I douched out on the ice on the way here.
by telephony December 06, 2011
19 1