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What the Superbowl is to some people.
{Dave; on telephone}: Hey Jenny, want to come over to my house today to watch the Superbowl? I'll have lots of hot wings, burriotos, Cheetos, and beer!

{Jenny; on telephone}: Sorry Dave...I've got plans to go to the mall with my girlfriends today, so you'll have to watch the Supertolietbowl by yourself.
by Telephony February 05, 2012
A place (usually a business) where ordinary things get turned into sexual things by one or more employees; e.g. at a barbecue store, the words "buns". "wieners", and "meat" are spoken about like "butt" (instead of a bread product), "penuses" (instead of pork products), and "penus" again, instead of dead cow.
{Hank, to his drinking buddies in the alley}: Well, dome with this shit for the day. Back to the potty factory tomorrow.
by Telephony December 19, 2011
A word used to indicate a piñata's level of candy fill.

Originally used on the now-defunct television program, "Viva Piñata".
That piñata is stuffed to maximum candiosity; it almost exploded just hanging there!!!
by Telephony November 27, 2011
A plastic mattress protector; used to prevent a mattress from becoming wrecked if somebody has enuresis (if they piss the bed). They are often found on beds at group homes and similar facilities.
Robbins then thinks about the pissblankets on every bed in the joint, so he rips the pissblanket off of one of the beds, goes around and unscrews all of the light bulbs he can get to, pours the generous helping of light bulbs into the pissblanket (approx. 24 bulbs), gathers up the edges, and whirls the bulging pissblanket over his head -- striking the wall with it a number of times until he is absolutely, positively, 100% certain that all of the bulbs inside are busted. He then crams the pissblanket and its cargo of broken bulbs into a nearby wastepaperbasket.
by Telephony March 30, 2011
An acronym that stands for "Pussywhipped Piece Of Shit Motherfucker".
Much, much worse (O GOD SO MUCH WORSE!!!) than a POS.
Example: "John is such a PWPOSMF it ain't even funny. :-("
by Telephony December 12, 2010
A urinal that splashes your shoes and the front of your pants with pee when you flush it.
Dude!!! Don't use that urinal on the far right because it's a urinator!!!
by Telephony October 24, 2010
Somebody who pisses into bottles of shampoo, thus ruining them.
John Grass uranated into bottles of shampoo (thus converting them into shampee) at the Juneau Receiving Home in the very early-1980s, and subsequently earned the nickname "The Shampoo Killer".
by Telephony October 19, 2010

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