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Very similar to a peon; some bungsnoipe who is regarded as a nobody -- usually at their place of employ, but in this case the bogus pisson can be at other locations too such as at bars, nightclubs, dance halls, etc.

This phrase came into existance from the Anthrax album "Among the Living" that was released in 1987; specifically in the song "Imitation of Life".
How many times have you heard this today?
Some bogus pisson saying 'Let's do lunch babe!'
For them this bullshit, it's their whole life;
Cut through the bullshit with a knife!
by Telephony December 18, 2011
A slang term used to describe (a roll of) toliet paper.
Hey Martha! We're out of bungwipe again!
by Telephony November 28, 2011
A fece, usually a single cat poop in a plastic cat toliet.

When a kitty cat drops a stool (pinches a loaf, makes a doo-doo, takes a dump, takes a shit, etc.), one or more fudge bunnies can be found in the litterbox.
{Courtesy of B.B.}: "My cat had a domed litter box but he always managed to step on a fudge bunny and track it all over the house, so I got him a domeless box."
by Telephony August 02, 2012
Means the same thing as "urinary tract".
Taking about the pissinary tract
Is something we all should do with tact!
by Telephony December 22, 2011
A true buttsnoipe who leads a number of surrounding individuals into total asshaberdashery.
{At a large house party}

Mike: See that asshaberdasher over there?
Linda: Yeah, he's goading the crowd into total and complete asshattery! What a fucking buttsnoipe!!!
by Telephony November 27, 2011
A nicer way of using the word pussywhipped -- this way of spelling it also bypasses the onboard censors found on many BBSs.
Jeff was so p-whipped, he couldn't even uranate without his domineering wife knowing about it.
by Telephony August 12, 2011
This is a nice way of saying "piss ant".
Joe from Juneau is such a big piddle wingless hymenoptera! I really hope he has a efilnikufesin (Nice Fuckin' Life)!!!
by Telephony September 25, 2010

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