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This phoney-bologna word is used by Hank Hill on the television program, "King of the Hill" to describe any type of psychoactive medication, such as Ritalin, Tofranil (used to stop enuresis), Prozac, Xanax, Cymbalta, trazodone, etc. Not so fake any more though; as I've heard it used in conversations over the last several years.
Bobby's taking goopenthal again to help put an end to him pissing the bed every night.

Hey bub, I'm not gonna let you come in here all hopped up on goopenthal!
by Telephony September 03, 2013
A very common misspelling of the word, “vacuum"; used most frequently to describe an electrically-powered cleaning device or the vacuum of space. Appears entirely in writing, because it is pronounced the same as the word, “vacuum".
{Craig}: Dave, can you vaccume the hall dear? (yes, Craig & David are F46607s)

{David}: Awww man, isn't it your turn to vaccume? (takes a pair of dikes {the wirecutters, not the other kind!} and snips off the cord)...ummm Craig, this vaccume cleaner's busted!!
by Telephony September 03, 2013
A place where straight male prisoners who have committed particularly heinous crimes are sent -- typical penile colonies are on distant islands and are primarily inhabited by F47707s who have also committed particularly heinous crimes.

The straight male prisoner of such a colony is subsequently subjected to repeated unwelcome cornholing by the gay inmates.
Hey, didjya hear that Bernie in New Seattle hosed down all of those schoolchildren and got sentenced to life in a penile colony?
by Telephony June 26, 2013
The day when you walk down the street and see things such as sticks from bottle rockets, and remnants of Roman candles scattered in lawns and in gutters, and the occasional "banana peeled" mailbox that got that way because some asshaberdasher shoved a lighted M80 or M500 illegal firecracker into it the night before.
Hey Jimbo, check out that demolished mailbox!
Must be the 5th of July or something!
by Telephony July 03, 2014
Somebody who spends the majority of their free time on their computer.

May also be used to describe the computer neophyte.
{From a TV spot for portable generators}:

Got a new incinerator,
Got a cool refrigerator,
Smell ya later computator
by Telephony July 03, 2014
This is simply the year 2014; when viewed from above, the, "4" looks like some broken sticks.
From a BBS about wheelchairs & scooters:

New Year's Day (0-01-14) {or "2014 01 Jan.", or even "Jan. 01, Twenty Stick-Broken-Sticks if you prefer}. Just making my daily check-in from Juneau AK. USA...my people (who live in Nicaragua) we have but one bunghole...er...uh...I mean, "I only have a sodding singular update to my website today: it is an update to my Foto(s) del Día" web page with...well, what else could it be?
by Telephony December 30, 2013
How one might spell the name, "José" if they can't spell Spanish names.
The spelling, "H-O-Z-A-Y" is because it sounds just like that when spoken.
JC Penney bastardised the song, "Feliz Navidad" by Hozay Feliciano this Christmas!
by Telephony December 18, 2013

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