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235 definitions by telephony

Somebody who spends the majority of their free time on their computer.

May also be used to describe the computer neophyte.
{From a TV spot for portable generators}:

Got a new incinerator,
Got a cool refrigerator,
Smell ya later computator
by Telephony July 03, 2014
The word, "hatred" but spelled substituting a numeral for several alphabetic characters.

Also the title of a song by the metal group Anthrax.
John has an xtreme h8red for overflowing walltoliets!
by Telephony September 26, 2013
It means the same as for Christ's sake! but please note the spelling & syntax.
{John}: Hey Josh, quick! Check out that blimp about to crash into a radio tower!
{Josh}: For Christ sakes John, that looks just like the pictures of the Hindenburg crash that I've seen!!!
by Telephony September 25, 2013
A child that you (your wife or girlfriend actually!) didn't really want to have.
I personally download Ipad game apps every time one's offered as the "Free App of the Day", because they are very good learning tools for young kids. Whether I'm watching over a relative, or taking care of my own spermmistakes, I'll at least have something better than flash cards and repeating "Ball" 500 times while the child would rather make spider webs with his own slobber.
by Telephony September 09, 2013
This phoney-bologna word is used by Hank Hill on the television program, "King of the Hill" to describe any type of psychoactive medication, such as Ritalin, Tofranil (used to stop enuresis), Prozac, Xanax, Cymbalta, trazodone, etc. Not so fake any more though; as I've heard it used in conversations over the last several years.
Bobby's taking goopenthal again to help put an end to him pissing the bed every night.

Hey bub, I'm not gonna let you come in here all hopped up on goopenthal!
by Telephony September 03, 2013
The singular form of the word feces; that is to say, a single stool floating in the shitbowl or lying on the ground, waiting to be stepped in and subsequently tracked inside the house.
{Hoolio}: Hey look out Hozay, there's a fece that you're about to step in!!!
{Hozay}: Thanks Hoolio! I'm glad that you told me about that so I didn't step on it and track it all over the rug inside!

{Horhay}: Hey George, did you forget to flush? There's a fece half covered in bungwipe floating in the water and you're the last one to use the bathroom!
by Telephony August 08, 2013
Another name for a cigarette butt.
Hey Jackson!
Check out that sand urn in front of the 7-11!!
It's just overflowing with cigarette stubs -- guess nobody believes in cleaning the fucker!!!
by Telephony July 09, 2013