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Has a very similar definition to the phrase for Christ's sake!, but the devil is referenced instead of Jesus.
For Satan's sake, drink up or we'll be late for the next party!!!
by Telephony September 25, 2013
To put it as briefly as I can: disposable diapers

They can be called disposable plastic baby toliets because they're made of plastic, you throw them into the garbage can (or diaper pale) when they're full, and they have but one purpose: a baby pisses & shits into them, thus making them disposable plastic toliets for babies.
{Horhay}: Hey Linda, I can't find the diapers and the baby needs to be changed!
{Linda}: Don't worry Horhay, the disposable plastic baby toliets are in the cabinet above the shitbowl.
by Telephony June 13, 2013
What people in the UK and Australia usually call an indoor garbage can -- such as those often found in kitchens.
The dustbin needs to be dumped into the wheelie bin; hip, hip cheerio!
by Telephony June 10, 2013
Douchebags. Plain and simple.
Our town/county has miles and miles and miles of bike trails yet some of these risk taking doucheketeers INSIST on riding in the streets. During rush hour. On some pretty windy roads. AND sometimes ride 2 or 3 even 4 abreast across the road.
by Telephony June 10, 2013
How somebody on the east coast (such as New York city) might pronounce the phrase, "forget about it".
{Ronald}: Hey Lisa, check out the Statue of Liberty!!!
{Lisa}: Faggetaboudit Ron! I've already dseen it a thousand times!!!
by Telephony June 07, 2013
How the name, "Kleenex" (a major brand of nasal tissue) is sometimes spelled, because when you hear somebody say Kleenex it often comes out sounding like, "Cleanax".
{Drake}: Hey Josh, can you pass me a Cleanax?
{Josh}: Fuck you Drake, go get your own goddamn Cleanax!!!
by Telephony May 20, 2013
A polite way of saying the phrase, "lying sack of shit"; it can be used in typed text or spoken.
You claim that Linda stuffs Scottowels down the can?!?
Why Josh, you untruthful flexible container of feces!!!
by Telephony May 04, 2013

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