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194 definitions by telephony

To put it as briefly as I can: disposable diapers

They can be called disposable plastic baby toliets because they're made of plastic, you throw them into the garbage can (or diaper pale) when they're full, and they have but one purpose: a baby pisses & shits into them, thus making them disposable plastic toliets for babies.
{Horhay}: Hey Linda, I can't find the diapers and the baby needs to be changed!
{Linda}: Don't worry Horhay, the disposable plastic baby toliets are in the cabinet above the shitbowl.
by Telephony June 13, 2013
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What people in the UK and Australia usually call an indoor garbage can -- such as those often found in kitchens.
The dustbin needs to be dumped into the wheelie bin; hip, hip cheerio!
by Telephony June 10, 2013
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Has a very similar definition to the phrase for Christ's sake!, but the devil is referenced instead of Jesus.
For Satan's sake, drink up or we'll be late for the next party!!!
by Telephony September 25, 2013
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Another name for the bunghole, the asshole, the toilet muscle, the butt, the rosebud, the brown starfish, etc. -- the place where turds come from.

So named because it is in the area of the body where one generally leaves a shit (I know it's supposed to be 'takes a shit' but you don't take shits, you LEAVE shits!)
John didn't want to go to the dollar store with his sister this morning because his poopal area was feeling particularly shitty.
by Telephony June 27, 2013
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A place where straight male prisoners who have committed particularly heinous crimes are sent -- typical penile colonies are on distant islands and are primarily inhabited by F47707s who have also committed particularly heinous crimes.

The straight male prisoner of such a colony is subsequently subjected to repeated unwelcome cornholing by the gay inmates.
Hey, didjya hear that Bernie in New Seattle hosed down all of those schoolchildren and got sentenced to life in a penile colony?
by Telephony June 26, 2013
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What a non-fan of the Green Bay Packers football team might call them.
Hey, the Supertolietbowl this year doesn't have those fucking crappy Green Bay Fudgepackers in it! It's between birds and horses this time around!
by Telephony January 27, 2014
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Another name for a snipe -- that is -- a cigarrette that's been extinguished in an ashtray (or by other means) that's still long enough to be smokeable. You can also harvest the tobacco out of shorties, put the tobacco in a plastic baggie, and use it to make a rollie (two shorties should yield sufficient tobacco to make one rollie).
{Homeless guy}: Hey Stan! Check that sand urn in front of the municipal building; I hear that a lot more than just a single shorty can be gotten there -- in fact, a lot of snipes should be in there after lunchtime!!!
by Telephony April 03, 2012
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