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What Beavis of MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head wanted to call the national anthem when MTV showed the music video of the song, "Hy Pro Glo" from the Anthrax album, "Sound of White Noise" from 1992.

When the song started, he exclaimed, "Yesss! The national Anthrax!!!"
{Beavis}: Hey Butt-head, this is like that thing they play, like, really late at night when the station's, like, going off the air.

{Butt-head}: Yeah, only the music's a lot cooler. This should, like, be the National Anthem.

{Beavis}: Yesss! The National Anthrax!

{Butt-head}: Yeah, like they could play it at baseball games and stuff.
by Telephony December 18, 2012
(n.) \wāst'pāpr'baskit\ A small unlidded garbage can; usually found next to an office desk to dispose of waste paper, but the word has generally come to mean any kind of small waste bin in any location.
Johnny, the wastepaperbasket in the bathroom is full, will you please dump it?
by Telephony November 06, 2012
(n.) \flush'līt\ A flashlight (usually an LED flashlight) that's so pathetically dim for its size that you just want to viciously throw it at one of those wall-mounted porcelain uranators or into a toliet to watch it explode into hundreds of sharp little bits (the flashlight, not the pisscan or the shitbowl).
{Linda}: Hey Freddy, please go grab me the flashlight so I can see what's making that squeaky noise behind the toliet!!!

{Freddy}: Got it! {click...click...click...} Shit! This fucking thing is a true flushlight if ever there was one! What a PWPOSMF!! It's so fucking dim that you couldn't see the bottom of an empty wastepaperbasket on a sunny day!!!
by Telephony November 06, 2012
The word, "fag" when typed in attempt to bypass the inbuilt censors found in many online chat rooms, games, and BBS (forum) software.
Eric, you're such a phucking F49 it ain't even funny. :-|
Get off my dick...it's sick!!!
by Telephony October 27, 2012
Another name for a snipe -- that is -- a cigarrette that's been extinguished in an ashtray (or by other means) that's still long enough to be smokeable. You can also harvest the tobacco out of shorties, put the tobacco in a plastic baggie, and use it to make a rollie (two shorties should yield sufficient tobacco to make one rollie).
{Homeless guy}: Hey Stan! Check that sand urn in front of the municipal building; I hear that a lot more than just a single shorty can be gotten there -- in fact, a lot of snipes should be in there after lunchtime!!!
by Telephony April 03, 2012
Somebody who is a true-blue total cigarette fiend -- that is, somebody who smokes way, way, WAY too many of these things.

"Destructor" because the act of lighting & smoking a cig quite literally destroys it.
Josh is a total cigarette destructor; he can destroy as many as eighty five of the little fuckers in a single day!
by Telephony February 21, 2013
A handle (pseudonym) that was used on dial-up BBSs in the late-1980s until approx. the turn of the century. Used on internet BBSs (forums or even fora if you want to be anal about it!) even to this day {early-2013}.

Can also be used to describe a potato that tastes like piss.
Welcome to The Toylet Bowl BBS!

Enter handle: URINE POTATO
Enter password: **********

Login successful!
You have 1440 minutes remaining in this session.


{John}: Martha, this fucking spud tastes like piss!!!
{Martha}: Sorry about that John, you must have gotten a urine potato!
by Telephony January 03, 2013

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