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A furry critter (usually small like a rat, a gerbil, a hamster, etc., but larger animals like cats can also be fuzzbombs) that one has as a pet; esp. a pet that an individual has become highly attached to.
{Craig}: Nikki! Here kitty kitty kitty! Here Nikki! Come here, my special little fuzzbomb! That's a good girl!!!
by Telephony April 02, 2012
\PIS'kan\ (n.) A somewhat vulgar slang term for a wall-mounted porcelain urinal.
Hey, I need to use the f'ing pisscan before we leave!!!
by Telephony March 10, 2012
Not to be confused with a regular prick (or a fucktard, dickweed, assrat bastard, etc.); a mofo who has reached the status of Class A-1 prick is a real waste of bungwipe and really needs to be exterminated like the bug he or she really is.
Jason is such a Class A-1 prick for bringing a ghetto blaster to church and blasting Slayer music out of it!!! :-O
by Telephony February 23, 2012
Kind of like pee you; used to describe something or somebody that reeks
He doesn't use toliet paper! Pyew! That mofo really stinks!
by Telephony February 13, 2012
What the Superbowl is to some viewers who don't care at all for the football part; but only watch it for the new commercials.
Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah, the Commercialbowl is on today!!! I don't watch it for the foot-testicle {football}, I watch it for the new commercials!!!
by Telephony February 05, 2012
Another term for "suck my dick".
{Joe & Josh are at the baseball stadium; Joe has the "cheap seats"}

Josh: Hey Joe, how's the weather up in the nosebleed section?
Joe: HUM MY ROD Josh!!!
by Telephony June 20, 2011
A real asshole (also a total dickhead; a true waste of bungwipe).
Hey dude, did you know that guy over there (yes, the asshat!) is a real peterbreath?
by Telephony December 13, 2010
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