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This word is definitely ***NOT*** pronounced \poa THEED'\ -- a person who's only real goal is to spark up another bowl; basically ignoring all else unlike a regular, garden-variety stoner.
{Chris}: Hey Joe, you know why Danny didn't show up for work this morning, donchya?

{Joe}: Yeah I do actually. Danny is a real pothead, and probably pissed away his last $20 on a dime bag for Christ sakes!!!
by Telephony February 19, 2012
A common misspelling of the word douchenozzle; the misspelling became the norm at a BBS about TV commercials we all hate; it then became rather commonplace.
Dave is such a fucking douchenoozle for stuffing a roll of paper towelling and three boxes of tampons down our toliet bowl.
by Telephony December 06, 2011
Any ground-based vehicle (such as a bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck, van, bus, train, etc.) that has crashed or is in the process of crashing.
Drake: See that twisted heap of metal over there?
Josh: Yeah!
Drake: That was a minivan that douched out a few days ago.
by Telephony December 06, 2011
Another word meaning "having uranated".
Josh pyst himself after he had coffee penus and couldn't get to the toliet in time.
by Telephony December 05, 2011
Young children; offspring, kids, spawn, etc.
Hey Helen?
How's that little carpet pig of yours doing?
Has he gotten into any mischief lately?
by Telephony May 09, 2011
Very similar to "public enemy number one"; perhaps a little worse (how much worse can it get?!?)
Jayden is public enema number one for stealing the food from the foodbank and throwing it into a burning dipsty dumpster!!! Man, what a class A-1 prick!!!
by Telephony January 24, 2011
A slightly nicer way of calling somebody a buttsnoipe (an assclown, asshat, asshole etc,)
That fartknocker is such a bungsnoipe for sneaking fish food flakes into the stroganoff at the buffet the other night.
by Telephony January 05, 2011
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