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9 definitions by tel

A lot of so-called journalism today is literary masturbation where, instead of researching a subject and writing an informed and stimulating article, the writer has a wank-fest of verbal indulgence expressing their personal opinion. This is forgiveable in the very young who may be playing with language and style and have lived so shortly their lack of experience absolves them from such a waste of words. You have to make mistakes to learn. The real damage occurs when this behaviour lasts past college!
He's too lazy to engage with the subject so he just lays back and verbosely self-indulges - it's a shame, really, because he can string sentences together well; if only they had content....
by Tel March 24, 2005
In many towns in Ireland, 'well' is a salutation or greeting. Having used the expression all my life, I've never been able to figure out whether it's a kindly-meant enquiry as to whether or not all is well with the person so addressed, or simply an expectant demand for news updates - in my hometown, it always felt like the beginning of an interrogation!
Well, girl, haven't seen you in ages.
by Tel August 24, 2005
I am not sure whence this word originates, it sounds like something the British took home from India. It means to look at and, sort of, assess/absorb something. It is widely used in Ireland and the UK
'If you bring your new work along this evening I'll take a dekko at it'
by Tel April 22, 2005
Sudden massive existence failure. The instantaneous dissappearance of a great deal of stuff.
Large parts of S.E.Asia experienced SMEF due to the tsunami, they /it was SMEFed.
by Tel March 29, 2005
the art of being absolutely wasted its a truly beautiful state
i got well lagging last night!
by tel January 27, 2005
1) a state of physical unwellness related to the overindulgence in alcohol
2) being in shock following some kind of traumatic event where you are safe and well now but seconds ago saw your life flash in front of your eyes and your fear of death hasn't quite been replaced by your continuing grip on life.
1) Jaysus but we had some amount of pints last night, I confess I'm a bit shook today.
2)"That car nearly hit you, are you okay?"
"I'm fine, thank God, just a bit shook"
by Tel March 30, 2005
In Dublin, Ireland, scarlet is slang for embarassed - more mortified than embarassed, a kind of huge, overwhelming, blush to your toes type of embarassed. In the Dublin accent, it sounds more like "scar-leh" with a lot of emphasis on the first syllable
There I was dancing away and all the time me skirt was caught up in me knickers - I was SCAR-leh!
by Tel June 02, 2005