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a type of mating call/dance, which operates in the likes of the cornerhouse. this mating call actually involves in no making noise, but a serious of complex arm movements. mostly movin your arms back and forth and not in time with the beat of the music. whilst making sure, anything from the hips below does not move.
OH MY GAWD, he's doing a hullah, lets go and ask for his number!!!
by tek July 24, 2003
Another form of teret syndrome
@Fisher: **** ***** **** and then **** **** ****** YOU GO IT? YA ****** **** *** *** , thanks ya ****** ***
by tek August 14, 2004
n. One who plays computer games ie Counter-Strike

v. To be killed by teK
Look at that ekoshyun bein ekoshyuned!
by tek July 13, 2003
let's fuck off, leg it, get outta here
oh shit, here comes da police, lets skiddable
by tek July 24, 2003
a boring or not so quick person! idoit.
marks a smoe! don't invite him to the game
all he does is eat all the snacks.
by tek November 14, 2004
Someone that baits in counter-strike, doesn't kill anything in Diablo II, is scared of his own shadow, and is horrible at BF1942. Often found whoring my ventrilo server.
I had to do all the work in that game, because my team is a bunch of ats's.
by Tek July 05, 2003

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