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An extreme kick to the balls, involving a running start for added momentum, as well as backwards arm thrust for improved balance and positioning. Ideally, the victim will be propelled upwards and back away from the punter, while making a series of very contorted faces and a loss of breath will occur. Occasionally, this can result in ruptured testicles, but in most cases is a good entertaining break from day to day boredom, for everyone around!
"Whoa that dude just got severely nut punted!" as victim is achieving liftoff
by teh_psYcho March 26, 2010
An adjective referring to the field including technological social enhancements and/or aids, such as Facebook.com, Twitter, cellular phones, etc., and their affect on the way humans interact with one another. This includes networking websites, dating websites, some types of forums, as well as some blogs, and many other areas in which people interact over the internet, and will be an ever expanding field as technology improves and changes.
There is a lot of technosocial research being done currently, regarding online relationships and networking.
by teh_psYcho April 07, 2010
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