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1. A kekkei genkai, or bloodline limit, belonging to the Uchiha Clan (Kakashi Hatake is an exception. His sharingan was transplanted to him from Obito Uchiha, a former teammate. Because he does not have Uchiha blood, he cannot fully master the kekkei genkai).

2. To copy. Originating from the manga/anime Naruto.
1. Kakashi used his sharingan against Zabuza which allowed him to copy his techniques and put him into a hypnosis.

2. -after hearing someone say something that he usually says- as if sharingan my sayings
by teh_dee October 23, 2006
1. Good Game. Expansion of the origional abbreviation gg. Usually said after a round, game or interval of online gaming. gee gee is said so often that it was lost all meaning and is still said even if the game was shit. That is why vgg was invented (Very Good Game). Gee Gee is also spelt as jee jee.

2. The end of a match. This meaning is normally used between players who speak face to face.
1. random1 says: gg
random2 says: gee gee
random3 says: jee jee

2. We warred these n00bs on dust2. It was liek gee gee in 2 mins.
by teh_dee February 25, 2006
the bushman's blow is performed by pressing down one nostril and blowing (as you would into a handkerchief) without a handkerchief or tissue.

if not performed correctly, snot may land on you
yuk, did you see that guy? he just did a bushman's blow all over that fence
by teh_dee November 21, 2006
1. A fast carnivorous bird.

2. When an object, usually a ball, hits someone in the head. This is very different to a header (a soccer term used to describe the action of hitting the ball with one's head) as a header is intentional whereas a falcon is usually accidental. However if someone where to kick/throw/hit/fling an object at someone's head, it is still classified as a falcon, even though it was not an accident.
1. I tried to steal a falcon's eggs, but the mother saw me and chased me down the mountain.

2. During a game of soccer, John went for a header but it missed the top corner by a smidget. In frustration, he picked up the ball and kicked it aimlessly. The ball falconed the other team's goalie who then proceeded to pick up the ball in anger and falconed him back in revenge.
by teh_dee March 04, 2006

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