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1. Adulation

2. Cringing

3. Making popcorn
Using the word sycophancy is a great way to lie about being an intelligent and educated person, even though you don't know what the whole thing means.
by teh weirdo November 16, 2004
1. A form of sport we don't often see or know about, it goes like this: There are two men with a ball on the field, and the one who gets chosen to start throws the ball at the other guy's stomach, trying to make him puke. Then the other man does the same, and this goes on until at least one of them pukes.

2. Canadian vegetable, round and blue. Has been used in the ancient version of the sport batathon, thus the name.
I'm drunk, lets go play some batathon!
by teh weirdo November 16, 2004
Wanting to be cool and in the gang. Dresses funnily without realising, usually a phase for a teenagers, can be mistaken to a chav.
"Nobody fucking cares about wonpop"
by teh weirdo November 16, 2004
Running in circles screaming.
TheDaddy runs in circles screaming.
by teh weirdo November 16, 2004

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