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A way of saying to put someone in the position you're in to understand what you're going through.

I'd have to put you in my shoes to help you understand what's going on in my life.
by teh reaper September 11, 2005
Another way of saying how disgusting something or someone is. explaining how you feel.

dude: I boned that fat chick from the hot dog stand.
dude2: vomit.
by teh reaper September 11, 2005
A figure of speech meaning that a situation is way too complicated for another to understand. relating with "Put you in my shoes".
guy1: I'd love to help you with your problems but i don't know what's going on.
guy2: sorr man,my shoes are too big for you.
by teh reaper September 11, 2005
Big Red Ball. used for little children who chat on the interweb to go outside and play jellyball with their other friends.
my friends are here,brb.
by teh reaper September 11, 2005
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