2 definitions by teh pan man

A derogatory word for a homosexual, depicting sloppy ejaculation during male sodomy. see homosexual and gay.
Look, Richard Simmons is on TV. He's such a White Rider.
by teh pan man May 09, 2004
An emo band out of california. NOT PUNK. Punk is actually worth listening to. If someone calls Blink 182 "punk" they either dont know what they're talking about, or they want to justify their existence by saying that they're "punks". the Clash are punks. the Ramones are punks. Blink 182 is NOT.
Dude #1: Dude, im such a punk, i listen to blink 182!!
Dude #2: Blink 182 isnt punk, its emo which = crap.
Dude #1: Nooooooo!!!!!!
by teh pan man June 24, 2004

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