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To be listening to Finnish folk metal band Finntroll, while simultaneously Trolling on an online community such as Facebook.
Damn, that guy is totally Finntrolling! Lets go on the net and start counterfinntrolling!
by teh fintrolls December 16, 2010
Counterfinntrolling is the act of trolling somebody who you believe to be Finntrolling, usually before they realise you have caught them Finntrolling. This makes the original finntroller seem stupid, or silly.
Hey mike, I just read James's status on Facebook, he quotes the lyrics of the song Trollhammaren, by Finntroll (implying that he is listening to it) and then proceeds to say he was Trolling on kellys pics. Should I start counterfinntrolling him?
by teh fintrolls December 16, 2010
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