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To masturbate and cry at the same time. Usually performed by individuals who are lacking the social skills necessary to have a sexual relationship.
The socially awkward emo kid cryfaps in the gym locker room during lunch.

Because the object of his affection is both pregnant and engaged, Little Johnny cryfaps to internet porn in his room all day.
by teh dub January 03, 2010

To screw up, break, or destroy something. Usually relating to a stupid reason. A fuck-up or major blunder.

"tooefed," or "tooef'd," pronounced toof'd
I just tooefed my job and got fired by stalking the boss's pregnant daughter. Now I just cryfap in the corner of my basement apartment all day.

I tooefed my computer by dropping it off of my balcony.

I tooefed my car by pulling out into oncoming traffic without looking! ohnoes.
by teh dub August 13, 2009
acronym for "Beats The Shit Out Of Me"
"What the hell is that guy talking about?"

by teh dub August 17, 2009

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