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Undoubtedly the best and most entertaining guitarist in the world.
AC/DC kix ass. Best band evar!!!
by teh best evar January 12, 2004
1) Probably the only good thing to ever come from Canada. They are a progressive style rock band with usually prolific lyrics. Formed in 1968. Although they use a lot of synthesizers and are Canadians, they still manage to kick some ass. Known for songs like "Free Will," "Fly By Night," and "Tom Sawyer." Frontman Geddy Lee has a distinct high-pitched voice. The band has the third longest string of consecutive gold & platinum records (23) behind The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

2) Piece of shit, hypocritical pill popping, racist, Republican radio host. See also Rush Limbaugh.
Rush is such a kickass band!

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. - Al Franken
by teh best evar January 12, 2004
Trend-a-Goth store that sells ugly XL shirts with annoying, overused sayings printed on them. Extremely overpriced and not even worth shoplifting from. Home to many goth and punk posers who come to buy Avril Lavigne t-shirts.
I bought this horribly oversized t-shirt for 50 bucks at Hot Topic, it says "Boy Bands Suck." I'm really making a statement!! Thank you Hot Topic!
by teh best evar January 12, 2004
In Counterstrike it is the auto shotgun, AW/M or AWP (especially in old versions of the game, where you don't have to aim even relatively close to someone to snipe them), it is toned down in newer versions. Even though the AWP is the best weapon in the game you can't ever use it or you will be branded a noob.
-=COPKILLA1=-: OMG that noob fuckin shot me with his noob cannon!!
-=COPKILLA2=-: wat a fuckn noob
-=SenorCAP-A-COP=-: i hate CS
by teh best evar January 12, 2004
Plastic little toy cars with stick-on flame decals down the sides. Inspiration for many rice burners.
That hot wheela looks dope! I think I'll paint my Honda like that yo!
by teh best evar January 12, 2004
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