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(1) A state of rationality wherein you most likely feel you want to mass massacre, but out of your own fault and so conscience turns your trigger at yourself.

(2) Having to commit suicide beyond your consciousness caused by a shift in personality. Common among totally crazed, mentally-disabled schzinopher-whatever-ic -> sickness regarding split personality.
1 - She caused a chaos that brought racial feud between local chinese tenants and the brits in town... She thought of killing everyone around her, but her guilt made her shot herself

2 - The coffin you just crashed into belongs to my mentally-impaired ex who died from genosuicidal issues -- her other self killed her :(
#fcuk'd up #mental #idota #split personality #suicide
by tego.calderon October 22, 2006
a.k.a. the "Ghetto Heart of Metro Manila", or sometimes just the "Tiger City", the illest city in the Philippines.

Not much of a "hood", since the rich guys and the squatters ain't bordered from one another. Manda's home to the most notorious crackerz in the whole South East, and also to factions of underground gang bangers.

The attraction in Manda's mostly the string of classy commercial malls that connects SM Supermalls, Robinson's Galleria, Shangri-La Plaza, the Starmall, and the unlikely MRT Mall. There are also a lot of clubs and pubs all around town. The night's the life, as they say.

Mandaluyong's located at the heart of residing busy commercial cities like San Juan, Quezon, Makati, and the capital itself, Manila; so it's pretty much suitable to mobility. On the other hand, though, traffic's WORST than anywhere in the world!

I wouldn't say that it's the best place to chill, but hey, Mandaluyong's totally of the hizzle, fo' real
You thinkin' u in a peace-oriented city, homie? Hell, you ain't know what's goin' down here in Mandaluyong-- Welcome to the Philly's South Central, beezy!
#manda #south central #metro manila #tbs #bloods #crack-a-don
by tego.calderon October 23, 2006
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