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another way to spell the girls name Tiana this is the exact name pronounced tea-on-uh. This name gets confused easily and mispronounced this name is a good name i like this name
sub teacher: teeoona

Teeyona: NO!!
amber: hahahaha your name got mispronounced
Teeyona its TEA-ON-UH!!!
sub teacher: oh im sorry this is a different way to spell it but its pretty
by teenanaas November 30, 2009
act of sex in which one does doggy style while the receiver makes chewbacca noises while the other partner that is the giver is wearing a dog suit
Teeyona: omd Amber what is that noise coming from your room last night??
Amber: oh that was nothing
Teeyona:LIES i walked in and you were doing the BEAST with tim
by teenanaas November 30, 2009
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