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2 definitions by teddycakes

An erection that occurs when a person has a bunch friends come and hang out or do activities. Therefore the person gets an exasperating boner.
OMG! My friends are coming over i'm ganna have such a friend boner.
by teddycakes January 30, 2012
The art of inscribing a chode on a possession of an others. Usually a test, homework, and various other objects. (like the forhead or the back). The drawing of the chode is funnier when it is more detailed. (adding veins and/ or pubical hair) The act of choding is better if the victim is unaware that he/she turned in a paper with a chode drawn on it.
Ohhh, Snap that Bitch just got Chode'd.

Hahaha, De Quan just got chode'd.
by teddycakes March 28, 2012