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3 definitions by ted61318

A girl exclusively enjoying only one penis for the foreseeable future.

A relationship stage between single & engaged.
Don't bother with that girl she's a one dicker.

I thought I was gonna get into her pants but then she told me she was a one dicker.
by ted61318 October 13, 2009
3 2
That bleak empty feeling of guilt after masturbating.
Particularly after masturbating to obscene pornographic images or images resembling family members
That porn seemed really good until I finished & the five finger fallout came over me.

Sometimes I wish I could enjoy bestiality without the five finger fallout.
by ted61318 October 13, 2009
2 4
Slang for a pair of flashy underwear e.g. Tommy Hilfiger boxer shorts, Primark limited edition briefs.
Yo Terence they are a fine pair of shit hampers you got on!

I think I just stained my best pair of shit hampers.
by ted61318 October 13, 2009
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