2 definitions by techno fan

it's shite, a form of cloaking device to bundle the masses into one wavelength of similar thought...escape this desease of a music, lusten to underground music, music that requirtes thought and talent
anything on kiss100 *cough* piss100 is mainstream
by techno fan July 09, 2004
*sigh* people have no clue, techno is not listened to by ravers, it's a form of techno most commonly called rave music.
Techno is everywhere, whether it be from subtle synthesizer based special effects to actual songs.
Please don't mistake rubbish for techno, it is a very unique form of electronic music, different to the rubbish played on kiss100 everyday.
Don't go with the majority like eminem, he even requires techno based background music, but then again rap is crap.
"Good techno"
Aphex Twin
Daft Punk
by techno fan July 09, 2004

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