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Banterful activities combined with a swimming pool
Ah man, how was caddying? Loop, double Loop?..... hate that, we had serious poolanter all day while you were gone.

Farrell is the King of Poolanter
by TeamSter June 11, 2005
Tities, Bangers, Fun-Bags, Chats, Boobs etc.
Jays, look at the bristol city's on your one in the red, I'd love to give her a sharp dart
by TeamSter June 10, 2005
to stuff your whole fisted hand up a male or females tight yet shitty arse
barrymore fisted his friend
by teamster October 20, 2003
Any form of sexy fruit pickers
Jays, look at the dirty g banger on your one in the red. I'd love to give her a dose
by TeamSter June 10, 2005
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