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Department store like wal-mart only the target employees wear red shirts and kaki pants instead of blue shirts. Your job gets changed everyday and you have to stay longer than your scheduled. Its a place where store managers and lods stare at you when your doing something wrong and then tell your team lead what you did wrong. Then the team lead comes to you and tells you. It just plain stupid. Stupid ass days such as green shirt day and birthday cake day. Stupid ass tuck your shirt in rules. It sux.
LOD "Hey guys try to get all the reshop done by 11 so that I can go home."
Employee "Sure can I go on my 15 now."
LOD "No, you didn't finish the reshop."
Employee "SHit."
by team member April 16, 2005
Only the funniest, stupidest movie in the movie. It was a waste of time to see it but it was fucking funny as shit. Vote for Pedro, bitches. Gotta love this movie. Probably one of the funniest movies of all time.
Kid "What are you gonna do today Napoleon?"
Napoleon "What ever I feel like!"
by team member April 23, 2005

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